About us

Project Liberty Ship volunteers who wish to sail with the ship must attend a crew training and safety session or risk being placed low in priority for selection as crew for a cruise. The 2014 training sessions were held March 8 and April 5, 2014. Contact the ship by telephone (410-558-0646) or e-mail (john.w.brown@usa.net) for information about future training sessions. More information to come.

Reminder: Alumni Association members who are also members of Project Liberty Ship and who wish to sail with the ship must have or obtain current CPR certification. Contact the ship by telephone (410-558-0646) or via e-mail (john.w.brown@usa.net) for more information or to schedule attendance in a Baltimore-area class. These classes are held aboard the ship or at MITAGS (Maritime Institute of Technology and Graduate Studies) outside Baltimore and are free of charge. If you already have a valid CPR certificate, or if you obtain one on your own, be sure to bring your certificate with you the next time you visit the ship so a copy can be made for PLS files.